well it's almost spring...it doesn't feel like it around here...maybe, just maybe we can cause a little stir in the nature of things to kick start some good sexy fun :)

but the good thing is hey, your breathing and even if you had a bad day, tomorrow could be better...but i hope everything works out :D

i'm interviewing zach from Lost trail at audensrain@tumblr.com

a very colorful person indeed with awesome soundscapes...check it out :) hope everybody has a good weekend!

we made it to march!!!! now have fun :)

now what...i spent 2012 releasing a series of albums once a month titled "letters from the other side"

and #12 has just been posted...www.sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com

so i'm giving thought to whats next? up in the air and maybe it will return with ideas and love :)

get it on :)

Hello everyone,

Thank you for checking out audens raign I hope you get something out of it!

Ive been in the dark lately, health issues have come up, I'll be fine but I'll be out of work for awhile which means how can I afford to live? :) and I'll ponder why September and October are the weakest months ever and I should just hibernate during these two months, as of curses are real (curses are real but I still wonder why I'd give them more belief?) 

But in the next while or so maybe give me a nice thought and save your prayers for something else, a thought is less preachy :)

Its all in fun and I hope to be able bodied real soon.

Best wishes,


so i'm still working it, anybody got any ideas?

i'd say go purchase a million copies of "the missing puzzle piece and the lie that big" @ cdbaby.com/audensraign :) to put forward to release my other albums which are posted at www.sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com and that which i have yet to mention  is that i have 6 copies of "for now" by audens raign and ramon ashoka off the fueruehahn record label for sale which are 10.00............ohhhhhhh super rare :)


but thank you, each and everyone of you should be a unique experience in life :)

best wishes,


the sun has decided to burn away some of these clouds that have been hovering in seattle for the past couple of weeks. Seattle is an amazing place when the sun decides to shine...it takes on a whole new persona, but like everything else too much is too much and i'm a fan of 3 sunny day to 4 cloudy days, sadly when its cloudy in seattle it turns 50 degrees feirenhiet ...(or since i cant spell F with a little circle thing) as in most other countries its C with a little circle thing :)

there are many ways the world will not understand each other in translations...

just so you know,i hope i never  say anybody is right or wrong... but i'm human :)

more new songs on the way, i'm going through a punk garage rock phase, which is of course a great way to rock, but i am ever changing and i can only wonder where i will wind up next :)

thank you for your comments and support, it means a lot to me.


best wishes,


Letters From the Other Side:  Volume 9 cover artwww.sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com


thank you, you rock, and are completly amazing, so go take a breath of fresh air and enjoy!

hello everybody

just a little notice to go download the new audens raign- letters from the other side volume nine

june 1st 2012.....www.sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com

there you will also find the other volumes and so so so so much more :)

if you want to find me send me a note, don't believe the rumors i'm completly free!

thank you and best wishes,


don't let them make you think your wrong :) it's your life

ahhhhh...i'm back...minneapolis is great...and now i'm back in seattle wondering why i'm here...but here i am along way from where i wish i was, but its a reason i will breath through this day, and take it as far as i can, i'm a bit hesitant cause of my past but everybody sez the past is the past, but this is a bit of future past because a past lived location can still be a future tense. some people right :) i seem to always find a place to be but i'm trying to find a place to stay.

anyways just thoughts...new music on the way, new directions, new freedoms, new everything...because we all deserve it right?

thank you and bestest wishes,


well i'll be spending the week back in my hometown of minneapolis...yeah! hope everything comes back quadrupled :) enjoy and thank you for your support.


may 1st 2012 volume eight of letters from the other side will be available on sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com so go get yourself some :)

yeah next week i will be on vacation! going back to minnesota to visit with family and friends and i havent been back in like three years, so i'm excited and nervous, i get rather shy when i haven't been around for awhile...i write big, but in reality i am not so big...but if people buy some c.d.s i could be the biggest thing EVER :)

best wishes, and thank you so much everyone for the listening and what not :)

anybody else get stuck in bouts of depression? have you ever wondered why you are so depressed?

even after you live your life to the fullest? i believe its all in your own head, and if thats true why can't you tell yourself to cheer up?

i've been on this path for quite sometime and i personally blame organized religion, always wanting more like we have to go their way, i have followed the inner way and i have found little differences, say i post something on a social network that is a bit off the way i am, it's all fun but somebody claims "god" is this way, and that becomes the funny thing, because i could care less what "god" has to say till at least i am dead then i guess i will be concerned...but then again they will force their ways, but thats me. because i believe they shouldn't and they still do, but i don't know who they are, but if you know me they must suck because thats what my life does is suck because i feel i'm forced to hear religious people do the same stuff as i tried to do, but i guess there right as a massed group and one person is wrong which leads me to say hey i am from america and this world should be free...i love all my fans so try not to be bullied, and you can believe whatever you want, but i am only human so take what i say lightly because i'm just trying to breath a bit inside my depression>... :)

...in case you don't know thank you for listening :)

a random fact? something useful? hmmm......

how about random words of sincerity :) yeahhhhh you :)

hahahaha i forgot it was friday, imagine my suprise!!!! :)

i hope everybody here has a great weekend :)

thank you thank you for your support...now go play and have some fun, stress sucks :)

hey everybody prepare, plan, organize :)

april 1st is not just a fools day...but "letters from the other side volume seven" will be out @ sunuprecordings.bancamp.com

just a friendly reminder, and the first 200 are freeeeeeeeee downloads...they also have $4.00 cassette tapes, so get ready to get you some :)

i discovered (which i should have known) that a slight an innocent misspelling could be quite bad... :)

but let it be known that about 99.9% of the time when i write "YA" i am meaning "YEAH" i should be aware of this and i hope it didn't offend you, thats not my intentions...but so you know i am one to tell everybody to fuck off, but you have not done anything to me to say that...so the world spins on. and i hope we can all move on :)

thank you for your support :)

so i posted the pretty covers of my c.d.s that have been released...if you would like one just send me an email...or...the "letters from the other side" volumes you can digitally download for free at www.bandcamp.com then go to sunup recordings...the first 200 are free... have a great day!!!!

yup! i'd say i hope you get the best out of each situation :)

i hope everyone enjoys this version of "watertown" ... i just posted. :)

i uploaded some music onto "reverbnationhttp://www.reverbnation.com/artist/complete_profile/1844652#!/audensraign

and i also have the long awaited..."for now" split E.p. with ramon ashoka in my possession if you want one email me a message :)


thanks for reading!!!!


once again on my tumblr site i'm interviewing dreamy pop super star KEEL HER

www.audensraign@tumblr.com it might answer all the questions of the world :)

hope everybody has a great weekend!!!!



i'm interviewing baylen lavore @ audensraign@tumblr.com

hope you check it out...and how is everybody doing?

don't forget to grab your copies of "letters from the other side volumes 1-6 on bandcamp.com sunuprecordings :)

weekends nearly here wooo :)

best wishes,


a huge big thank you for taking the time to visit :) it helps it really does...now to make cash so i can get rid of my job...hahahahahaha...but this past month has sky rocketed in the visit department, and everybody must be thanked :) so if you see my crawling through your window don't forget to leave a cookie...wait thats santa, i'll tell santa to not forget you :)

today is birthday of one of the greatest people i have had the pleasure of knowing...she may not be with us these days but i know i'll always love her :(


available march 1st 2012

Audens Raign "letters from the other side volume six"


there will be a added E.P. along with that for you lovers of what is "more" :)

well i'm running out of steam in the recording side of things...don't worry i have enough songs to release a 10 song album each month till july 2013. i was hoping to start making money so i could get some amps so i could be playing live by now, sooo not sure, i also need a drummer, but my plan is that i'm going back to my hometown for a week at the beginning of may and there i wish to start the audens raign live experience...i have a plan to play behind sheets that will feature assorted videos and lights and what not...in case you did not know i'm very shy and low key, i usually do allright on stage but we've all seen shows with people standing there, so i'd like to make it a specticule...it's all in the works, and i'll hope you'll be there to enjoy it also :)

thanks for being



here is a link to download the AUDENS RAIGN series "letters from the other side" they are free...unless you want a cassette tape they cost $4.00 :)

what are you waiting for...they aren't downloading themselves :) if you'd like an actual dvr c.d. message me and i can send them out to you...that is all for now :)


made it past valentines day...now what?...does anybody have sex anymore? i mean all i hear is bitchy people all the time, i think it would be funny if i brought some prostitutes into work... :) like chill out...i guess i don't understand how people can be so bitchy when they work with food...anyways thank you for listening and i totally appreciate it :D rock!

chill out there is plenty of love out there somewhere... :) i hope it truely it finds you, even if you full on  hate eveything i'm sure there is some sexy squirrely thing ready to arouse your inner glow :)

i hate this holiday but...there it is, guess i'll try to enjoy :)

maybe tomorrow we can have some fun? i guess defining what peoples fun are will help...i mean my fun would be making out :) anybody want to make out :) but if not i still want you to have fun...some people might be getting cabin fever it is winter so get yourself a deep breath of air warm up and get creative :) or don't listen to my music and get yourself sexy :)...hahahaha cute girl sitting across from me at library :) cha cha cha...anyways...try not to kill anybody, they probably deserve it but to be not prisoned is better.

here is a list of some bands i know of that might be as tasty as me :) doubt it...but you never know...i'm kidding i'm far from being an egotist :)

audens raign :)

pigeon petal, them sly bitches...baylen is in probably 50 bands (can't keep track of :) )...genre unlimited

keel her...dream pop, lo-fi...

marcus eads...living room visions, quarter pipe,...many more too many to count

marco ashoka...my germans ambassador of stompcore

vaz...nothing sweeter than vaz, vaz is my answer to excellence!

seawhores...drum-bots, inventions, clicks, buzzers, mysterys...how many amps can fit on stage :)

pink mink...i have yet to see but i love christy and she is true to the world of rock

fret rattlers...i have yet to see, but them johnson brothers are the gangsters of true rock.

dyslexic 33...buriens answer to where did all the good times go, with FU...n

i'll add more but these are a few things that i corespond with...so enjoy, the world is vast and huge and will accept most things :)


happy groundhogs day :) seriously world just breath easy, enjoy, have sex, take drugs, why not do it till you smile, maybe don't over do it? maybe over do it? somebody out there probably more than not likes you...go inside yourself and have a inner party...do what you need to do to smile! why smile? why not? free your neighbor and run amok...don't rape :) rape bad! free the world...maybe not, i guess i'm trying to cheer myself up. so welcome to february!

 it's so cool to see other people in other countries visiting my site :) thank you so much...

i do hope you like what you hear...i don't get much computer time so my site is pretty blah, but the colors are neat :) and it's all about the music right?

the thing about the music is i like it raw!!!! i could spend 10,000.00 dollars over producing the sounds, but i hate that sound...plug in and rock!

but someday (hopefully some lable will take me and allow me to try once to over produce :) )

anyways thank you world and people of good taste in rock, or lo-fi, whatever genre i get grouped with :)

i am so tired of hearing what people can and can't do...uhm i'm not murdering or rapeing, stalking, or being a general douchebag...i'm trying to think of imaginary passes for myself to free thought land :)....

i want to see peoples creativity, our world needs it more than ever :)

audens raign- "tiny lights"



soft porn pony ride? it reminds me of the music on them soft porn movies i watched on hbo as a young kid

the way? basically about me and my search. sort of like the ramones today your love tomorrow the world. ever heard the advice of everybody?  to find love you have to be an asshole? lie? cheat? steal? and they call this advice...i listened to them and always thought wow what a great way to find love for you, it always amazes me even people you think smart don't know the difference between love and a fuck?

i walk alone? its not by choice, but even in groups of people i walk alone, its nobodies fault but i sense it upsets people that i might feel this way so...i walk alone.

passing time? what i hope i'm doing instead of wasting time waiting for the girl to choose me.

thorns? going down with the ship? fuck that i'll bail instead of sinking with it, then i'll swim. but i'm so poised of an inevitable end i usually jump the gun.

out of harms way? actually wrote for domestic violence survivers... fuck that shit love is not constraining and if it is stray! and if you are mentally or physically abusive i hope you do realize in time.

i'm so high? to love that girl you would have to be high, sure, fine. i guess i'm high, whats that make you for paying attention to me being high?

fade from black? a play on words from fade to black. basically being busted on the canadian boarder with weed and pipes but in the search for more drugs by customs, they found the knife. it was suppose to be an amazing suprise but they had to find it and ruin the whole suprise, which makes me wonder why everybody wants to ruin suprises.

starslight? ever been apart from that one reason? sure love never connected, but you knew, and only wanted her to have a fruitful life even if you were not apart...i think its love

the basement? after getting mentally abused all day its nice to isolate myself in my little room and hope to be with a reason and with that reason well...you figure it out.

i know a name? the name you secretly squeal when elated, she never said i could use her name so its doubly super secret.

thought vampire? waking up with no thoughts or ideas, leeches and vampires.

pessimism? clearly its the words of one in denial of being a pessimist.

shine? haaa its a long story...

sunsets? an ode to the sun, i always used the moon to talk to my love...so why not use the sun?

your favorite song? to each thing out there, there has to be a reason why that thing thinks it is better than the rest most times its a stupid trophy, its not out of envy i have a lot of stupid trophys, i just think their stupid is all, i feel competition is apart of society but some things people compete for are ridicccyoulose, maybe compete with others who want to compete.

a wonderous trail to the glue factory? as if a crippled horse really would end up at a glue factory.

aftermath of a density bomb? the four track recorder i use, uses cassette tapes so for a few songs you get pixies bleed in, funkadelic bleed in, and this song which has minneapolis' hugely under rated band density bomb so i purposly blended it to include such a wonderful band.

the star who had to shine? it was a poem, as i watched off the patio the clouds swirled in circles the sky gray in many shades defined by darness as darkness had light one star had to shine admist the clouds that which swirled around it.

the elopement song? i like people to wonder about this song...basically its about my dire desire to elope. but its taken on so many meanings, as all songs are i put off explaining as if it means more to you the way you put meaning to the songs so be it.

sold my first c.d. of the year yesterday! don't be left out get your copy today, all you have to do is ask...geez

it don't matter till your here

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