the sun has decided to burn away some of these clouds that have been hovering in seattle for the past couple of weeks. Seattle is an amazing place when the sun decides to takes on a whole new persona, but like everything else too much is too much and i'm a fan of 3 sunny day to 4 cloudy days, sadly when its cloudy in seattle it turns 50 degrees feirenhiet ...(or since i cant spell F with a little circle thing) as in most other countries its C with a little circle thing :)

there are many ways the world will not understand each other in translations...

just so you know,i hope i never  say anybody is right or wrong... but i'm human :)

more new songs on the way, i'm going through a punk garage rock phase, which is of course a great way to rock, but i am ever changing and i can only wonder where i will wind up next :)

thank you for your comments and support, it means a lot to me.


best wishes,


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