here is a list of some bands i know of that might be as tasty as me :) doubt it...but you never know...i'm kidding i'm far from being an egotist :)

audens raign :)

pigeon petal, them sly bitches...baylen is in probably 50 bands (can't keep track of :) )...genre unlimited

keel her...dream pop, lo-fi...

marcus room visions, quarter pipe,...many more too many to count

marco germans ambassador of stompcore

vaz...nothing sweeter than vaz, vaz is my answer to excellence!

seawhores...drum-bots, inventions, clicks, buzzers, many amps can fit on stage :)

pink mink...i have yet to see but i love christy and she is true to the world of rock

fret rattlers...i have yet to see, but them johnson brothers are the gangsters of true rock.

dyslexic 33...buriens answer to where did all the good times go, with FU...n

i'll add more but these are a few things that i corespond enjoy, the world is vast and huge and will accept most things :)


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