soft porn pony ride? it reminds me of the music on them soft porn movies i watched on hbo as a young kid

the way? basically about me and my search. sort of like the ramones today your love tomorrow the world. ever heard the advice of everybody?  to find love you have to be an asshole? lie? cheat? steal? and they call this advice...i listened to them and always thought wow what a great way to find love for you, it always amazes me even people you think smart don't know the difference between love and a fuck?

i walk alone? its not by choice, but even in groups of people i walk alone, its nobodies fault but i sense it upsets people that i might feel this way so...i walk alone.

passing time? what i hope i'm doing instead of wasting time waiting for the girl to choose me.

thorns? going down with the ship? fuck that i'll bail instead of sinking with it, then i'll swim. but i'm so poised of an inevitable end i usually jump the gun.

out of harms way? actually wrote for domestic violence survivers... fuck that shit love is not constraining and if it is stray! and if you are mentally or physically abusive i hope you do realize in time.

i'm so high? to love that girl you would have to be high, sure, fine. i guess i'm high, whats that make you for paying attention to me being high?

fade from black? a play on words from fade to black. basically being busted on the canadian boarder with weed and pipes but in the search for more drugs by customs, they found the knife. it was suppose to be an amazing suprise but they had to find it and ruin the whole suprise, which makes me wonder why everybody wants to ruin suprises.

starslight? ever been apart from that one reason? sure love never connected, but you knew, and only wanted her to have a fruitful life even if you were not apart...i think its love

the basement? after getting mentally abused all day its nice to isolate myself in my little room and hope to be with a reason and with that reason figure it out.

i know a name? the name you secretly squeal when elated, she never said i could use her name so its doubly super secret.

thought vampire? waking up with no thoughts or ideas, leeches and vampires.

pessimism? clearly its the words of one in denial of being a pessimist.

shine? haaa its a long story...

sunsets? an ode to the sun, i always used the moon to talk to my why not use the sun?

your favorite song? to each thing out there, there has to be a reason why that thing thinks it is better than the rest most times its a stupid trophy, its not out of envy i have a lot of stupid trophys, i just think their stupid is all, i feel competition is apart of society but some things people compete for are ridicccyoulose, maybe compete with others who want to compete.

a wonderous trail to the glue factory? as if a crippled horse really would end up at a glue factory.

aftermath of a density bomb? the four track recorder i use, uses cassette tapes so for a few songs you get pixies bleed in, funkadelic bleed in, and this song which has minneapolis' hugely under rated band density bomb so i purposly blended it to include such a wonderful band.

the star who had to shine? it was a poem, as i watched off the patio the clouds swirled in circles the sky gray in many shades defined by darness as darkness had light one star had to shine admist the clouds that which swirled around it.

the elopement song? i like people to wonder about this song...basically its about my dire desire to elope. but its taken on so many meanings, as all songs are i put off explaining as if it means more to you the way you put meaning to the songs so be it.

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