anybody else get stuck in bouts of depression? have you ever wondered why you are so depressed?

even after you live your life to the fullest? i believe its all in your own head, and if thats true why can't you tell yourself to cheer up?

i've been on this path for quite sometime and i personally blame organized religion, always wanting more like we have to go their way, i have followed the inner way and i have found little differences, say i post something on a social network that is a bit off the way i am, it's all fun but somebody claims "god" is this way, and that becomes the funny thing, because i could care less what "god" has to say till at least i am dead then i guess i will be concerned...but then again they will force their ways, but thats me. because i believe they shouldn't and they still do, but i don't know who they are, but if you know me they must suck because thats what my life does is suck because i feel i'm forced to hear religious people do the same stuff as i tried to do, but i guess there right as a massed group and one person is wrong which leads me to say hey i am from america and this world should be free...i love all my fans so try not to be bullied, and you can believe whatever you want, but i am only human so take what i say lightly because i'm just trying to breath a bit inside my depression>... :)

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