audens raign
daniel nichols


i can pretend is that whats the problem

i could not stay offended as to not offend

it grows on you

whats not to love if you have the reason

i'm afraid just waiting for the body

you know i think of you sometimes

it takes a few keys to get where i'm going

not so much talking when it gets down to rocking

in dreams i seen us again

stare at the lights ignore their mocking

i'll fuck with my own head in order to make it

i thought you were the one of dreams

i guess this shit only happens to me

it appears entirely justified, i watch on in silence

am i comatose, trying to reach my connections

thinking go fuck myself,

it don't matter till your here

the other places i roam

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audens raign-d'oh (the moment to myself)

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towards the feeling

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audens raign "future lights"

the songs remain changed