fade from black

audens raign
daniel nichols


play on metallicas fade to black.

on the boarder of canada, busted with pipes, but the guards found more than pipes, it was the knife we shared...


probobly should not have been mentioned, fascination, anticipating.

blackness but stars watching me.

over-elated heart beats, cause panics, darkend horizon, raised questions.

blackness but stars watching me.

unearthed secrets, didn't need to know, as if i even knew.

blackness but stars watching me.

expose to light, secret suprise, beneath pipes the knife lyes.

blackness but stars watching me.

now i know the truth, fade from black

it don't matter till your here

the other places i roam

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audens raign-d'oh (the moment to myself)

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towards the feeling

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audens raign "future lights"

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