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audens raign
daniel nichols


it was a question am i a slut or whore? at first i scoffed but as i reduced it all down i found out im a whore, i have a job! but what is worse than a slut or whore...? one who fucks a slut or whore.

last summer when that girl got raped in california, i did die a bit, that shit is completly fucked up, the whole "snitching" thing...no snitching should mean your brothers are picking up a bag of weed, something you do to your own fucking body! christ watching a girl get raped and participating, i do hope all those kids die, i give a thank you to the one who stood up and reported it...you my dear are the hero. i don't want to be the "old guy" who states back in my day, cause this shits gone on for way too long. sex is a beautiful thing and just because your dick likes agression find another who likes it that way. makes sense huh?


got this letter im writing you, in it states that im missing you.

as if we were an us, but thats the point its making sense.

dropping out, not turning back. second thoughts won't cross this path.

as i stand here questioning my name, and who it attracts.

it was a slut who wanted it free, and a whore who wanted money.

everyone got but bites the hand that feeds.

it was a rape, no one helped, they stood and watched.

i died a bit, but wished the strength for the girl to kill them all.

these things i wonder when someone asks me where i've been


it don't matter till your here

the other places i roam

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