central saloon 

207 1st ave pioneer square Seattle Washington 

a very special songwriter showcase

with audens raign plus others.

21 and over

free 8 pm

hello fans followers and curiosity seekers...dec. 23rd is my birthday, and I'm asking to slather the love a for me and my music forward!!! Sure love the music! But also look at your loved ones and give them the attention they deserve

Happy Halloween!!!


ive been laying low, 

people are working on my latest recording, which is kind of old (recorded at the beginning of 2016)

i haven't recorded anything new in the past 6 months for I was fearing it was all sounding the same.

so hang in there friends!


best wishes and take care!

hello people near and far!

i am pleased to announce audens raign

will be playing a show opening up for

"anybody but the cops" a Michigan based noise punk band.

the show is at The Central Saloon (207 1st ave...pioneer square, Seattle Washington)

september 5th 2016

9 p.m.  

this Tuesday may 17th 2016

seattle washington

central saloon...207 1st ave pioneer square

the central saloon was one of the few bars that hosted early "grunge" bands such as mudhoney, melvins,  soundgarden etc etc

being a historical landmark I am truly honored to play the stage!

so if anyone is in the area come and check the show out!

howdy everybody,

great news my first show in 7 years...

may 17th 2016 at the central saloon

in pioneer square, Seattle washington

207 1st avenue! 


today is the greatest day!!!!

make it so! Why? Doesn't matter why! just slather the tasty love of paying it forward, who cares about addictions and obsessions, whatever it is this ultimate "love thing" will destroy it all, it doesn't side with any religion any belief any opinion, it's ultimate just got to accept yourself! Yeah something like that! THAT!

happy groundhogs day!

think about it, it's probably the only non discriminate holiday! enjoy that fact! 

Now go download all my releases and over come oppression!


i thank you in advance!

www.audensraign.bandcamp.com. Or www.noisetrade.com/audensraign

please take sometime to download! Support independence I am unaffiliated with no corporate no label no political no religion!!!!

i accept you as you accept me! 

https://audensraign.bandcamp.com/album/grassdog                                                                                                                                    hello everybody! share the news audens raign_ "grassdog" is out now...


take a moment and think about your actions...I'm trying or hoping for 6 degrees of separation to cause good vibes, you are never at a dead end! Forward, there are so many people who want to corrupt your thoughts with the opinions and beliefs that are not yours...check yourself and let's relive the original thoughts, ideas we have! i work one corporate job and they are not effective as they think...so with this knowledge never never never ever ever doubt yourself, one person is very very very effective...I'm living proof. Wait, they ignore me and make fun of me...anyways...educate instead of making fun of...each person is unique!

Hello...good news, new recording is being set to be released, I'd say within the next couple of week!

get ready it's a good one!!! 

i hope everyone is getting what they want...they say "you can't always get what you want" I'm saying "you can't always get what you don't want" so somewhere in the middle, should be a good time

hello people of excellent taste In music! about to go on vacation! Been working three jobs lately to get myself some extra cash to afford new music gear and pay off some medical bills.

as usual I want to express my thanks for checking out my website. I've been watching horrors of the deep web on you tube...and I would like to make horrors of watching deep web horror stories.

anyways...take care and happy September!


coming up with ideas to pay things forward... august 1st 2015,

thanks for listening and supporting! i appreciate all of you and thanks thanks thanks

it may be the u.s.a.s birthday but me as one American I'd like to share the excitement to everyone worldwide!

thank you for checking out audens Raign...hahaha im trying to create excitement because I feel lost in this world...let nipples show, to distract and confuse and to get laughs and bring out and welcome let go and accept...something like that!

best wishes and space is infinite so don't get too hostile it's probably a translation error


you can download audens raign recordings at this link...


at that link...


watch some homemade videos at this link...have some fun, and dont shoot anybody...more loving less killing!

finally getting that summer heat my insides and spirit are frozen yet no rain is there some hope embrace that fire quit searching for some religious stance its inside each person a difference and a similarity there is no need to argue fight or war unless that other wants the same. Oh I'm sure I will hear if I only did this I would've gotten that. oh the places you'll go


hey thanks for what you do...what you do is what you do! hopefully its nothing bad, and brings smiles to you and your surroundings...well mainly you, it starts with you, after you its hard to change anything, because most people are pricks and pretend they want what you want, but if they quit lieing to themselves they too can get exactly what they want, but its up to them to quit fucking with other peoples shit because they dont take the time to realize what they want...so many times have i heard someone say they wanted what i wanted "i'm the same" or "me too"...so take some time to realize what you want and make it count, and dont kill anybody!


Check it out...lately I've been making more videos, had to get another job to make money to get equipment


new video!!!!

Alright nearly spring! Let the warmth flow!


alright you asked for it...so be it, I am in the "now" with technology.

if you are seeking a hard copy c.d. send me a email at....


I will be getting around to making a check list for c.d.s so for right now I have like 35 recordings with approximately 600 songs

so its a complete mess in which I will be somehow cleaning up, in a perfect world i'd have a check list and you could pick 30 songs and i'd just burn them to order.

so lets make some noise i'm doing all this independently and i'd love to shove it in everybodies face as in wooooooo hoooo success! and that relies on you awesome people, so make some waves promote me, make me busy!!!! they think they can use me for there bullshit make me use myself!

thank you and keep supporting, its benefits us all!

hey hey hey...I have some new songs posted on soundcloud since im unable to upload any music on my site here at the moment.


anyways believe the believe! create do something :) fun

I hope when your too tired to fight one of my songs will excite you right enough to fight on or maybe not fight but love, like fight cancer and diseases and love meeeeeeee please support though it helps, surprise another with a secret kiss, surprise blow job night! show some love...I apologize for suggesting people have sex but sometimes that's when most people seem to smile!

but seriously support what you can, let those ideas flow, nobody has cured anything yet! thank you

" width="425">

check out my new video for "unconditional love"


thanks for the support, and if this is my last post for 2014...thank you so much for the support!

yes its my birthday, a new year! with the love of a nuculear bomb i hope your envelopped by what helps you thrive!

thanks for a year of listens and comments i am very happy for your support thank you all very much!


this is your link to the lo-fi zoom :)

hello people of awesome standards...my new recording will be released by "i thought you were a marxist recordings"

and this is the link:https://ithoughtyouwereamarxistrecords.bandcamp.com/

that day again is tomorrow, and download the hell out of it, i need this people!

there are things in this world that need to happen and the time is now for audens raign...well i can say it, its created i just need to feel the unwrapping of it :)

be nice to one another its a fucking cruel world, and if you show a bit of compassion its suppose to help right?


thank you and best wishes

change your mind, you rock rock rock :)

we are not sheep! maybe cheap (because i'm poor)

but you are not! please please please download www.audensraign.bandcamp.com

thank you, veeeeeery much

Hello people of amazing music taste

i have finally been able to post music on bandcamp...www.audensraign.bandcamp.com

.,.new music is on the way :) go on and hook yourselves up with some good listens 

i would never believe it either...but they're are people who will take your credit... imagine that!

they walk this earth thinking they did things they did not do...its completely strange...i try to help where i can, but im so dumfounded by a few things that i stand in the back and wait to see what happens next. makes me wonder about dopplegangers and if you see mine will you remind me that lifes too short to fuck around and to get my shit together so i can fuck around :)

but seriously everybody you rock for listening and supporting lets push audens raign into unforseen fortunes so i can come back and celebrate withh you wonderful people who have bought c.d.s and spread the word! thank you!

yes!!!! got past september!

hope everyone is faring well, im picking up hours at various jobs so i can earn some cash to start playing live shows...but thats been a struggle, go figure "they" wont give me any "free" cash, yet "they" wont allow me to earn extra cash either.

hahahaha but i'll do it over and over and then they claim i'm insane, because that seems to be insanity defined :)

sooooo any extra cash? feel free to download some of my recordings on noisetrade.

www.noisetrade.com/audensraign  thank you very much.

thank you world!

cant we all just get along?

getting along doesnt mean we have to agree, or surround ourselves with things that dont work.

a nod a hello if you were in trouble id help out but i have no money and thats what everybody wants, except people who have money then they say money isnt everything...money doesnt matter much but i'd love to play live to your faces :)

keep it nice...maybe sexy...maybe hatred...you know what you like keep it your way

okay...its posted and ready for you to download!



download! download! download! download! free free free...hit song after hit song 26 of them, tell your friends, enemies, co-workers, lovers...tell everybody... please...i want to become bigger than that super group people keep mentioning!

hello and good day,

just a quick note to let you know, my new recording will be titled "mysterious strangers"

and should be ready by the end of this weekend...stay posted. That is all enjoy


getting ready for the new release, i'm going about it a bit slower for reasons i do not know, but i'm guessing in a week it should be ready :)

how is everybody out there? hopefully being able to live, and reaping benefits :) good luck, best wishes!

hello, and good day to you ( night for some, morning for others...mid day for me)

a few new songs posted, which means a new release soon, check back real soon, or you'll miss it...i'm busy creating this rock, sort of up to you how you want to "party" with it...don't forget to love the one your with, love the one your with, i apologize that song got stuck in my head.





its your life...you don't have to agree but lets make you look good, attentive and beyond belief, know your surroundings, get along, you don't even have to like people just get along, that way when you need help and the person you hate the most is the one that helps you, you wont look so bad :)

that is part of my unwritten laws of dan and audens raign is a big part of me.

lets face it, very rarely does anyone believe the same way as another person :)


as a thought to put out into the world...how do you pay it forward?

not to be an obsession but as something that gets let go but cherished enough to remember that letting go was fun?

something like that. :)


things moving in peculliar fashion which i feel is a victory...i'm breathing anyways.

our house dog is unable to move, so i'm guessing its time for doggies passing...well he's like 15, he's had a good life of adventures! 21 bark salute...we spent some days recovering from surgeries together, and i cherish every moment, i for one cant sit and reel from a death though, time keeps moving and the puppy i remember is long gone...sweet sweet hemi...who as a young dog had ate everything in his path...except the homework! thank you puppy angels for the puppy guidence!

:) that is all...i'm working on new material for more music :) and doing good!

I have released a new album today...it is titled "duck house high"


support! No regrets! No excuses! Free

thank you :)

posted some new songs...recieved my new four track recorder, back to "normal"?  guess we'll just have to wait and see :)

the special effects were not added in this video...the power surge from the power lines caused my phone camera to malfunction...which makes me think :) in other news i have re gained a cassette four track recorder and so new tunes will be on the way :) thank you for the support!

go to www.noisetrade.com/audensraign and download please it helps...it really does :)


one thing i've noticed on my website is that my old songs pop up first...i have posted so many songs on this website, i hope you take some time to get through the list of songs...and please do message me if you would like a "flash drive" i really do have a ton of songs, that i assume everyone might like at least one song :) happy listening!


pigeon petal does it awesome :D

listen to those drums!!!! all the way from europe :D

alert alert! I'm sorry to inform you my four track recorder has bit the dust...I, it hasn't quite hit me yet but I need cash if feeling generous and have some extra cash feel free to give some by purchasing a download at www.noisetrade.com/audensraign or I have paypal www.zipperbee@gmail.com :) as if :) I can dream too! Or if you have a spare cassette four track recorder laying around!

okay that is all for now.

its a cool video, my song is towards the end!

i was asked by german stompcore artist ramon ashoka to release a split c.d. a few years ago, and this is one of the songs he wrote i did a little over dubbing on it, and i was really excited about this awesome video!!! thanks feuerhuhn records!!!!

when i can...i attempt to use things that might not so coinside with what the song is about, i feel its at least neat to see visuals rather than a picture of the album cover, but i might be wrong :)...... i hope you enjoy

here is my video for the song "hi smile" enjoy

hey not sure if you've read the news...but i have bunches of videos on you tube for you to watch...its a fun winter thing to do, making videos :)

hey hey...i changed. hope you like the new layout...as is tradition it is a work in progress, and i hope its likable...it changes though

yeah snow day in seattle!!!! everyone is holed up at home nestled in the warm confines...i find myself navigating store aisles with ease...loving it, hate the masses and the stomp on anything different mentality that allows them to be saved every sunday...makes you wonder if there was no church would they do that?

but lets not go there and lets be happy for snow and the joy of its silence how it mutes everything... :)

go and check out my releases up on www.noisetrade.com/audensraign

and i posted some fresh "anti-hit" songs up on soundcloud... www.soundcloud.com/user/audensraign

that is all for now...

live long and lustily :) not creepy

I deleted my Facebook profile for awhile...things were not adding up, and I'm trying to heal and recover so for a few months I'm going to be Facebook free, independence :)

Hope you get to check out my recordings...if you have any problems let me know, trying to make it easy as possible...I started to cook up some new songs, I'm still recovering from my surgery it's been a month but I keep thinking it's been longer...feel free to tip me :D money hard to come by, in a few weeks I should be better but waiting waiting...

im gonna hatch some new ideas soon also, I want to get more people into this, spread out venture, some live shows, some art, some lust...push this thing into the green spread some love...burien needs some loving lust for life!

but ideas ideas ideas!

thanks for reading.

I'm song four on a new compilation from my friends at

sunup recordings...the compilation features 50 songwriters/ bands from around the world, and is pretty freaking cool if you ask me, check it out at 


the winter compilation... Then after that jet over to

www.noisetrade.com/audensraign to download another audens raign release :)

im nearing the end of my back catalog :D


loves, dan

What's going on in the world?

im recovering in record time :)

come on go and download some audens raign

at www.noisetrade.com/audensraign

what is better than free music?

lets cause a ruckusssssss...

new albums uploaded to...


go and please download, it's free!

but if you can afford drop some change into the tip jar, but mostly please download! i want ripples through the world, a bit of "good" attention in the eyes of the people in cyber world! let the love embrace you in all its desire!


thank you :)



hello everyone...here is a good release for you to download :)

go get it!

out with the old and to begin anew again...

i'm uploading albums for easy downloading just for you...go to www.noisetrade.com/audensraign


i hoppy you likeeeee :D

Well it's the end of the year as we know it,

it was pre determined near the end!

but it's all new new newh

now... So lend a hand to a friend(just watched a guy on tv get his hand bit off by an alligator :) )get this party started, I've heard rumors we have what it takes to get it and keep it fascinated till smiles!


i released another new recording titled "love is my greatest fear"

please check it out @ www.noisetrade.com/audensraign thank you and happy holidays!

Yup new album up and waiting for you to enjoy...



thank you,

d.a.n. / audens raign



please direct your attention here for the new :)

thank you that is all

Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoy!

:) hello everybody! happy halloween, come on out ghosts and ghouls have your way :)

scary huh? go out and have some sexy good fun :) be safe and listen to more audens raign :D

create till they cant take any more :)

just don't breed so much :)

have a wonderful weekend! and help me get to germany in 2015

putting together a new release coming out in the near future!

so there is that...its getting chilly out there hope everybody has there favorite squeeze person/animal/thing :)

So I'm wrapping myself in bubble wrap as my costume or I might need a plague doctors mask!

either one...Halloween is a trying time for me personally but I did get through September and I thank you curious lovers of the world for your support! Thank you, so I'll try to say and be safe but I like it unsafe sexy and spooky, but I don't want you or me to be hurt :)

understand? :) you will!

yeah i'm dull, its only now...i will change with each vibration!


i have a bunch of new songs posted.


thank you!

thirty one days till halloween :)

i suppose if i knew what i was doing it would be different :)

sick of the hopeless cheerleading, i want to fuck shit up...but not fuck it up, fix it up...but to them its fucking it up but to me its fixing...know what i mean?

thats what i'm constantly battling...like someone saying thats evil, and to someone else thats good...then it relies on the amount of "friends" and thats bullshit too...cant everybody just get along with the next...probably not but i have high expectations...get it done :)

what? who? what?

thats right danny, they love the vibe :) rock!

what are your concerns?

who do you think causes this?

as one citizen of earth do you think your message is being heard?

lets start there...because i have a sense that we humans are a bunch of fucking drama queens!

help others physically not mentally.

thank you thank you thank you....we will not lay defeated!

yet we will wake up caffinated :)

i really do appreciate you for checking out my site...i'm doing what i can to get it turned around and better...sadly this world seems preoccupied with a thought of things they have no control over, so i'm here to remind everyone to take a moment to put down what you are working on and give that someone special a sneaky kiss :) ...this works as long as you are not stalking that person you plan on giving a "sneaky kiss" :)

hello peeps :)

hey i posted some new songs...go on and enjoy them!

i adore you people of "foreign lands"

you you you aliens :) i joke ;)

funny trying to tell people they are wonderful just the way they are... i have really bad grammer and i'm not good with translations!!!!

Thanks for checking out my music!
I have a few sites for you to check out.

for album downloads:

For song postings:
www.soundcloud.com/tracks/audens raign


This is the link to my  new recording
On "your already dead records"

And a link to my split e.p. with
Ozark soundscape.

Thanks again, 
Best wishes,
Dan/ Audens Raign



here is the link for the newest offering! enjoy!


thank you for your support!

things are chugging along! are you :)

best wishes, keep it up and loud!

lets make it a great weekend...fuck the leaders, we know what to do :)

i have a split e.p. coming out very soon...link to follow but you will be able to download it at your already dead records on bandcamp.... within the next week i'll know :)

have a great weekend!!!



link for my new video :) enjoy


hello everyone as promised here is my latest album!!!!

mr. drew smith of you are already dead records has released this one!!!!

so happy tuesday and have fun!

well ive been doing recreational fun, such as keeping score for a "beer" league softball team...and the won the best of the worst trophy this past weekend, and now the season is done i can re-concentrate back to audens raign and what i am doing here :) thank you for the patience :)

things will start happening today!!!!!

i hope everyone spreads some good will to one another...you don't have to like what other people do...just respect and give everybody some room to be who they are :)

it might take awhile but you'll see everyone gets along!

thank you all! i hope your weekend is great! new music on the way!

great weekend!!!!

i managed to see garage rock legends the mono men and the oblivions on friday.

then saturday sub pop had a huge show for their 25 th aniversery celebration...fun times!!!!

bad to reality...booooo!

hello...so i have a new cd out next week that will be on a limited run of 10 c.d.s

you can contact me here or @ zipperbee@gmail.com

and i will get you more details :)

have a great day!

we celebrate independence...but still they want "total religious domination" fuck it we want independence more :)

believe what you want! that is that! now action! rock!

and best wishes!

half way to friday! you got it going on :)

best wishes through the rest of the week!

yeah i got some new songs finished :)

yes it was a nice weekend, and i hope you had a good weekend also :D

happy fathers day to all you non dead beat dads!!!!

have a great day!



pinwheel art :) is what you'll find in this video...enjoy and have a great day!


no oragami swans were harmed during the making of this video :)

have a great day

i'm thinking about cleaning up some stuff on here...getting it into something its meant to be :)

just so you know...thats my plan! best wishes for your week

i noticed a density bomb search thread on my web site! now theres a blast from the past, minneapolis mid 1990's... heavy heavy heavy! cherubs, distorted pony. great stuff!

if interested and cant find anything i can hook you up :)

have a great day!

things are starting to heat up :)

about time!!!! i've been missing the warmth,

contact me at www.zipperbee.com for the complete audens raign catalog on a "flash drive"

that is all...have a great weekend !

new month new stuff and new things are in the works...go have some fun!!!!


hello everyone i have some various videos i have made for audens raign and various other bands and music!

hope you have a great day!

Ahhhhh the warm muggy of Midwest late spring afternoons :D

for some reason feels great!

wishing everybody warm wishes and love :)

time to fly the sky blue :) see mom and old friends...i'm trying to hide my excitement, if i show i'm happy someone always throws a bunch of shit my way :)

so lets all say fuck yes and give the who ever is in charge here a big ol' great job!!!! haaaaa or a wake the fuck up :)

take care everyone and i hope your dreams start happening!!!!

in america today we celebrate mothers day...not so much each others moms but our own moms...those things mom use to do for you each day that helped you become the person you are today :)

i know the sadness of not having a parent there, i lost my dad at a young age...but for one day we forgive circumstances and just appreciate the fact we are on this rock spinning somewhere in space...make sense ?

so your mom alive dead or in spirit thank you...my mom is alive waiting for me to visit :) and i love her!

vacation next week...more info about this later...have a great day!

wiggle wiggle wiggle shake your tail feather...its humpday!!!! :)

well as the rest of the u.s.a. has to deal with snow and assorted "bad weather" we here in the pacific northwest will be enjoying a very nice day!!!!

thank you and i love your support! thank you thank you thank you !!!!

give us warmth!!!!!

some heat would be nice, hope everybody stays warm where your at!

brrrrrr :)

hey pay attention :) its going to be a wonderful day!!!!!

hurry up may!!!! i have a feeling may 2nd or 3rd will rock!!!!

gut feeling :D best wishes everyone

well cant really start over, but i can at least make it easy to change...

have a great week, think sexy thoughts :) think what you want!

well that sucks...stop bombing things, please!


come on people dig in...videos from my cell phone to your eyes.


its also the birthday of the fabulous person who thought up audens raign!

ugh!!!! have a great day!!!


that is all for now! make it through the day :D



hope this link works!!!!

rock and luvs!

audens raign

i'd love to hug you all and start your fires and find your ways and on and on...but i can't even find my way, i just cheer you on as i get a bit envious, but i know someday mine will be there too :D

april april...april will you shine?

i'm a blankish being reling on audens raign to lead the passion attack!


thank you everybody for your support!!!!

it is first thing in the morning :)

i am saying hello :)

your the reason to smile :)

equal rights! not special rights....but then again i want special rights....but i guess equal rights is okay :)

have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

so i was going through my old tapes and i realized i had not finished a tape from 2010...so that is in the works...the endless possibilities...as it now feels like i can re-write some history :)

something like that...have a great week

allright i'm ready for a good day! you also? starts with us :)

good luck :)

i hope everyone has a great day,

you deserve it! :)

best wishes, i'm working away on a whole batch of new songs...!!!!!

have fun!

raigndeer games!!!!


thank you :)

psssst...have a great day!

www.soundcloud.com/audensa raign

i have songs posted here also, i like to spice it up...tooo bad about my reality :)

have a great day!

what is there to want?



audens raign "raigndeer games"

released yesterday @


$4 dollar cassettes

free downloads

40 plus songs...enjoy :)

yeahhhh (s)march have a great day its now march!!!!

hope you find that something that lets you smile :)

hello everyone...rumor is "raigndeer games" audens raigns' new digital album will be available tomorrow @ www.sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com


please check it out....thanks for reading

hope you enjoy.

......hello one and all, whats to report, whats good to hear, and why do you want to hear that...but first and most important, thank you for supporting audens raign, i'm more support than answers, but you never do know answers come in weird shapes and forms.

so which bring us to what audens raign is up to, well i'm still waiting to release my before x-mas release? funny how those things work.

still recording.

i have ideas of selling flash drives with all my music for $40.00 dollars u.s.d. which seems expensive but it will have over 400 songs, and once i learn to upload videos onto the flash drive there will be those also, and picture books for the song titles, plus more and more awkwardly amazing songs...so that will be in the works. maybe a neat little case to put that amazing flash drive in :)

send me emails...i really don't recieve too many fan emails here but on my other sites.


and as always thank you for your time, i hope to repay you by blowing your mind.

best wishes,

dan/ audens raign

thank you and crushing on the fact...thank you

new things are happening i swear :)

thank you and best wishes

february 2nd in the U.s.a. is considered groundhogs day, where the little critter scurries out of its underground den, to see its shadow...and it being february 5th i am late wishing you all a happy groundhogs day!

i went and saw legendary 60's rock band the Sonics play a very rare show...with mudhoney another legendary "grunge" band!

amazing amazing :)

have a great day

cool, made it to february!!!!!

nothing major to report, although it is soooo nice that you are supporting,

thank you and HAPPY FEBRUARY!!!!

Not so much of a football fan but home team!!!! I am excited about hockey starting next week, sad how money controls it and since they are pro, they better win!!!! :D

Do other countries have to deal with "lock outs" and cancelled seasons? It's lame for the fans, and that's why I want to avoid all this crap here, you live to play then play! Right?


best wishes everyone :)

keep well!!!! lots of sickness going around...i wish you best!!!!

Well hello :)

im currently battling a flu...fresh squeezed orange juice check! I hate concentrate juice, squeeze the juice yourself and its amaaazing :) I usually consume handfuls of jalapeños also sweat sweat sweat, it takes a few days and then I announce "preventative measures" because if you can catch the virus before it spreads  its almost like a victory.

well my new release should be almost ready to go, just waiting on the "go" "green light" or something, whatever anybody is usually waiting for....if anybody has a computer they want to give me :)

anyways best of luck and good wishes for you :D

:) here we go new year!!!!!


thank you thank you thank you thank you...each and everyone of you for giving me the courage to keep posting songs...i understand completly that you couldve just skipped over audens raign, but you listened and i can't thank you enough...i would probably give you my heart if you asked!!!! best wishes for you in the new year.... this year i will pay attention and have a best of 2013 list next year...its been what i hope the end of struggling. onward!!!!

yeahhh, it's my birthday!!!!

now what? well i hope everybody has a great day, put that great ju ju into the world, like a nice thought that spreads like wild fire and just realize what is nice to one person isn't so nice to another so i hope your nice finds another one whose nice matches :D

best wishes!!!!

i hope everybody is making marcus dub a lot of tapes :D keeping him busy and out of trouble!!!!


if anybody is into home recordings, lo-fi, experimental music...  or if you write music, get in contact...keep it up!

congrats...you've made it this far... :) i'm getting ready to release a 47 song download before x-mas suprise for you and your ears titled..."raigndeer games" :)...details soon...have a great day!


hello I need some supporters anybody up for a tiny bit of effort?

thank you for all that you do!!!!

best wishes

hello and welcome... :) well 2012 still a few months away and to realize since this time last year i have released about a dozen albums??? is this some world record????

so why not release one last album for 2012...50 plus songs? how is this all sounding?

too good to be true? well thats what i do, i make dreams come true (if your dream is to have my songs ever last :) ).....................................

but until then




thaaaaaaank you :)

in the constant struggle of good and evil remember...both sucks!!!!

a flame thrower and a good sense of humor would be wonderful!

good morning everyone...

i wish it was another halloween, but it's not it's thanksgiving...and if your like me you combine you holidays...like hallow-giving or thanks-ween or merry ground hog day...anyway you name it i am still thankful for the things you do to and for me, thank you :)


audens raign-"letters from the other side volume 12"

thank you and best wishes............ :)

Audens Raign- "letters from the other side volume 12"


now...later today...free...4 dollar cassette tapes...devour...listen...enjoy...thank you

the u.s. presidential election is tomorrow...but do not worry, the candidates are both lying.

but after all is said and done...november 7th.


Audens Raign- "letters from the other side volume 12"


hello everybody,

     hope you have a great and safe halloween...now go out and get your sugar fix!



Thank you for your support!
I have free downloads at

And I just released my new album "turtle pipe" available @


Best wishes,


What a fitting end to September, I am under the weather...I have never had much luck with September ever since I had my palm read in a closet in Boston 20 years ago :) but this September seen the curse lifting and cures replacing that. Ever hear the word curse change it to cures then flip them the bird :)

Best wishes and hope you enjoy,

Dan/audens raign

sorry to inform you this but due to computer difficulties, audens raign "letters from the other side volume twelve" is being delayed until october 1st :( we'll get by and it will all be good, but until then check out my tunes here or at www.soundcloud.com/audensraign, i think thats the link...thank you for your patience!

hang in there everybody, "letters from the other side volume twelve" will be out soon. computer problems :(... i assume since i have so much other material out that there shouldn't be any problem, but if there is i apologize, and it should be up any day now :)



hope everybody had a great weekend i went camping and i returned alive!!!!

a bit dirty and tired but rejuvinated :)

ever had to confuse to arise?

sounded funny, i've been watching cute animal you tube videos all day so i'd be extra cute :)

thank you everyone for your support, i wish you the bestest :)


Hello :)

Greetings from Seattle metro bus route #54.

My stomach is twisting and turning with some unrecognized anticipation. Maybe it's because I have to pee :)

I hate anticipation its reminiscient of waiting, I hate waiting like what's the matter with now? I could be feeling the effects of caffeine. :)

So I have become summer and not getting something's I need to get done...I'm behind myself by about 5 cassette tapes of unfinished audens raign songs, but rest assured they will become ready soon :)

Until that happens I hope and thank you for checking out audens raign :)

curious if anybody would be able to help...i'm looking for people to help spread my music as if to help it find people who would like to release in all formats...like vinyl and hard c.d.s and such...please do contact me.


live the dreammmmmmmmm!!!! and thank you

due to the release of "letters from the other side volume 11" yesterday, seattle is hot hot hot hot today...way to heat things up, and in case you say it's too hot, what is summer without finding that pool of water to swim in. i've lived in the pacific northwest for 10 years now and i have not thought it hot enough for a night swim more than a half dozen times. it is amazing because where i come from thats how i spent my nights, seeing shows and spending nights in the lake avoiding cops, misquitos, and trying to beat the summertime heat.

ahhhh summer :)

Hello everyone,

Sorry to inform you that "letters from the other side will be delayed until this Friday August 3rd, it'll be worth the wait. :) sorry about that, 


Best wishes,


hi everybody...tomorrow brings the new audens raign "letters from the other side volume 11"

it features 18 songs, and an awesome cover photo, so check it out at www.sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com


hope you enjoy, best wishes,


letters from the other side volume 11 songs are picked and ready to become public...

19 songs...pictures picked and waiting for permission, and as usual there is a backup plan and 4 more plans after that, so do not worry one way or another there will be a new audens raign cd august 1st 2012 :)


action! GO!

best wishes,


ohhh la la one week from "letters from the other side volume 11" let the excitement boil, party, get down rejoice...and don't forget the holiday season is drawing nearer (  :)  ) get all your audens raign needs here or send me a note at www.zipperbee@gmail.com, i still have t-shirts and cassette tapes, and dvr cds etc etc

don't be shy step on up and gobble it up :)

thank you for your support

hello...things are going as well as well can be, i'm currently searching for some employment so i can get some equipment so i can play some shows in the near future, thats about all i'm doing sort of like coasting to the gas station :) hope everybody is doing well, hang in there :)


best wishes!!!!

Hello everybody,

Letting you know that the new audens raign "letters from the other side volume ten" is out today waiting for you to download at...


I am also on a summer compilation along a shit ton of other awesome musicians, so please go and check them out :)

Best wishes,


some people wonder whats with all the "sexy" talk...well "sexy" is a lot better then getting my head bashed in, and what is up with everybody "knowing" more? i tell myself i see nobody doing better so why listen to anybody, just nod and agree and as soon as they walk away resume being your rocking ownself!

me as a person over here wishes you the best in being unique individual :)

hello everybody, thank you once again.

not much has been going on, i posted some songs on this web site called hypetree

that would be www.hypetree.com and they do "song battles" ? i'd rather have my songs make out instead of fight :)

so if you get bord please encourage my songs by battleing them.


okay well i hope everyone is having a good time, and enjoying themselves.

best wishes,


so we celebrate this weekend in america, called Memorial day, which i guess we remember those who have fallen, i guess i am more of a "now" person...but there is a list of people who have died and i salute you, maybe you were unknown and chose not to fight in a war you are remembered, you put that nail in a house that somehow that house is not still standing you are remembered, i don't see why they always salute the people that go to war, but hey you are still in this with us all, even terrorist guy you are here with us. the big picture is very awkward...so i'll just say whooooopie, and then wonder who wants to get down :) yeah i never get any sex, which is sad...but anyways enjoy the weekend show us how to live it up :)

ahhhhh...this is news worthy that the sun is shining in seattle :)

i hope you enjoy your day :) but i do hope the warmth follows the sun

AUDENS RAIGN "letters from the other side volume seven" out 4/01/2012

out tomorrow @ sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com

the first 200 are free downloads :)

go get yourself some :)

new Audens Raign c.d. for the grabbing available on bandcamp.com via sunup recordings!!!! :)

march 1st 2012

ya seattle got hit with a nice winter storm :) tons of snow...it doesn't snow much in seattle(but we are close to the mountains about an hour drive) so all week we've been hit with snow(ya!!!!) and freezing rain (boo) :) now its a big sloppy slush fest! hope everyone is good and warm :)

don't forget to do what you do! but better :)....and don't let others sway you to not be who you are!! rock!

i'm so sorry...i'm not so great at computers, if anybody has any problems with links please do inform me...i hope its not so annoying, but if anybody is interested in helping please do let me know. :)

sorry if there is a lack of newer songs being posted (buy some dammit :) ) i am currently drowning in my own songs. i'm getting some extra help with vocals and i'm trying to organize whats going on...(hahaha organize) so don't worry plenty of songs coming, just touching them up a bit...please do visit www.sunuprecords.com/bandcamp and download some of my albums, support dammit support :) i'm currently in a good mood so i hope all who listen are too, fuck the other assholes right :)

best wishes everybody, please write i am lonely and purgatory is boring :)

so whats hot? hip? new? now? anybody got anything? something? i hope you do, i want to get to know people who like my music in case i win the lottery i will share :)

which reminds me of purchasing some audens raign stuff!

free downloads at www.sunuprecordings.com/bandcamp

also available there are $4 cassette tapes.

plus @ www.cdbaby.com/audensraign awaits your copy of "the missing puzzle piece and the lie that big" which i would love it if someone would be bold to buy a copy...i don't know i spent a lot of time scouring ways to sell the fucker, and i'm curious to see the magic unravel so dig in people, what if its your ticket to the mostest bestest thing ever? you'll never know until you buy a copy of the missing puzzle piece and the lie that big :)

hope your super tasty and awesome :)


happy new years everyone! wooo whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

any new years resolution people out there? i vow to do this within this year kind of peeps?

me neither...everyday is a brand new day :) my plan is to usually make out with everyone, but usually leads me to nothing :( so i will try again to make out with every girl woo hoo :) hahahaha i'm not that way, unless you are, then i might as well too :) anyways thank you everyone its been a great year.


new audens raign downloadable cd available 1/1/2012 @


yeaaaaa! its the eve of my birthday! i hope you too will enjoy my birthday (the 23rd) then its christmas...boooo! hiss!

but i hope everybody is doing great!

i want to mention how stoked and excited i am to have pigeon petal singing on my songs, please do visit her sites and tell her how amazing she makes my songs sound :)


and to let you know my birthday is coming up december 23rd and i am accepting gifts thank you very much :)

okay be adventurous and arrive in one piece :) ROCK!...and don't forget ACTION!!!!!

the best stocking stuffer for the christmas season is a copy of any one of my c.d.s. ready to download :)

the missing puzzle piece and the lie that big...cdbaby.com/audensraign

letters from the other side volumes 1-4 at bandcamp.com/sunuprecords

for now on feuerhuhn records feuerhuhnrecords.com

most of these are free down loads so go and get you some :)

oh my god will the world lighten up! i recently had a death in the family, and man the world seems grim, we need to lighten the mood a bit, one of them moments where reflection  leads to one of those oh my god its all about living ones own life...something like that, i just keep telling myself the world keeps spinning and that person is not coming back :) be nice

december 2nd (tomorrow) 2011, the long overdue e.p. "for now" will be released on feuerhuhn records!

have fun and enjoy!

i have just posted 2 songs featuring baylen levore aka pigeon pedal, and she has made them so fucking fabulous! :) hope you enjoy

...i still have two days before i have to give thanks...so fuck you :) kidding

but thank you all very much (we celebrate thanksgiving the last thursday of november in the u.s.a.)

funny wednesday night is usually the busiest bar night...enjoy! all i can say is sooo glad i won't have to work :)

just wanted to say hi!!!!!!!! check out whats up and coming :)

the ramon ashoka/ audens raign split c.d. will be out december 2nd

so calm yourselves don't stress plenty of time to get yourself together :)

but hey have a wonderful day/ night...sneak up on your favorite love object and snuggle yourself into the warmth...its a cold one in seattle...thats alright i got myself to cuddle with :(

best wishes :)


Stormtroopers of Coco Beach, by Audens Raign


Letters From the Other Side: Volume 1, by Audens Raign



go here for some tasty music by audens raign :)

not sure how the rest of the world celebrates halloween or if anybody does, but i hope it was fun!

i just heard burien is a two band town...yawn! nobody sees? i am not one of those two bands and those two bands fall short of exciting me, so i need to scope out the situation, i don't play many shows maybe i should so i can shove it up some over arrogant bands. grrrr i adore my readers and thank you for the support, now is the time to stick up for the one man band :)

wow its sooooo quiet except in my head? hope everything is great!

hey would you mind voting for a song...? it would be very helpful, you know in the voting world :)

i've never had anything of mine to be voted on, and as every person on the planet would love to see something they worked on liked...http://www.goitzschewelle.de/member_charts.php

so help the underdogs of rock gain a step on the rung :)


thank you with love,


...its acoustic and reverbed vocals? it's a duo, and not solo?

it's early audens raign and i just posted 2 songs..."in her eyes" &  "james/ boston" hope you enjoy the beginning :)


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! testing testing...

the world is ultimatly a fucked up place, everybody telling everybody how to "live" does anybody else ever live the way we'd like to live? sure that person might have more, but that person is not you...so look at yourself and take them tiny steps to change yourself into who you want to be, it might be a long struggle but if you start now you'll be there soon enough :D if you find any sort of help through any of my songs that is great, ultimatly that makes me smile. i'm glad to have helped but you my dear friend you have done all the work so rejoice! thank you for listening.

best wishes,


ya 31 days till halloween! coddle your inner ghoul-ness and support audens raign! :D

<iframe width="400" height="100" style="position: relative; display: block; width: 400px; height: 100px;" src="<a href="http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=424267639/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/">http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=424267639/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"><a href="<a href="http://sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com/album/stormtroopers-of-coco-beach%22%3EStormtroopers">http://sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com/album/stormtroopers-of-coco-beach">Stormtroopers of Coco Beach by Audens Raign</a></iframe>

above is link to new album

Label Love - Support Independent Labels

above is link to blog about the split c.d. with marco...its written in german.


Audens Raign & Ramon Ashoka - We flow with thee ("FOR NOW" ep)

and this is the link to one song off the split c.d. with marco...i hope all these links link you up!

thanks for listening, and welcome to autumn


<iframe width="150" height="450" style="position: relative; display: block; width: 150px; height: 450px;" src="<a href="http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=424267639/size=tall2/bgcol=ebe428/linkcol=4285BB/">http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=424267639/size=tall2/bgcol=ebe428/linkcol=4285BB/" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"><a href="<a href="http://sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com/album/stormtroopers-of-coco-beach%22%3EStormtroopers">http://sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com/album/stormtroopers-of-coco-beach">Stormtroopers of Coco Beach by Audens Raign</a></iframe>

Knarzbacken ahead .....

Mehr als ein Jahr der Neuorientierung liegt nun hinter mir. Geblieben ist alles was nicht gehen wollte. Aber eines krachte dann doch. Die Zusammenarbeit mit dem LoFi Künstler AUDENS RAIGN gestaltete sich äußerst fruchtbar und wird nun in Form einer EP mit einer Veröffentlichung geehrt. "For Now", so der Titel der EP, wurde in knapp 6 Monaten geschrieben, aufgenommen, hin- und hergeschickt, zerlegt, verfriemelt, schief angeguckt, zweimal nach dem Ausweis gefragt und am Ende ausgescheiden. An der Stelle auch nochmals ein HOCH auf das schnelle Internet. Es werden Kopien der CD auf beiden Seiten des Atlantiks gehandelt und sollten somit auch nicht lange auf dem Klavier verweilen.


Einen ersten Vorgeschmack und das Cover wird es vermutlich nächste Woche geben. Die Veröffentlichung steht noch aus und wird datumsmäßig noch gecheckt.

Desweiteren gibts bei Ramon Ashoka SOLO auch wieder aktive Aufnahmepräsenz und wird vermutlich ebenfalls als EP noch in diesem Jahr ein Releasehappening begehen. Dazu dann aber nach "For Now" mehr.



blog posted by ramon ashoka about audens raign/ramon ashoka split c.d. out very soon.


Audens Raign & Ramon Ashoka - We flow with thee ("FOR NOW" ep)

preview song up on sound cloud :)

i was in the process of changing the website?? so anyways. whats now and whats going in the near future,

me and germanys own ramon ashoka have a split c.d. on the way in october. 3 songs a piece totaling 6 songs, prepare this c.d. has the possibility of catching dreams :)

i am also releasing c.d. for sale under the guidence of "letters from the other side"

first one should be up on www.reverbnation.com/audensraign i'll be releasing these once a month til all the songs are gone, which might be late next year :)

if anybody has any sort of desire to release c.d.s or promote give me a shout. i am horrible at promotions and need all the help i can get...just word of mouth would be great too, i've been writing for audens raign for 15 year and i hold dear the comments and fans i have aquired over the years, a little help here and there and this thing will fly, which at the moment is still 100 % independent...in your face "the man" :)

have a great weekend and please do enjoy!

thank you,


i thought i posted the lyrics for my songs...opps i didn't think i was that far behind :) i'm pulling it together, just for you, and you, and you, and you :)

okay just about to throw up the new site...so forgive me if everythingblows up :) i hope you like it more and it makes you giddy with anticipation...

i'm upgrading my website so, if things get a little weird...hahaha at least your alive, right :)



i hope no country has to go through what we went through!

we are all people trying to live our lives also...so thank you world for listening and reading my little blurbs and music, i'd like to think its little steps closer to everybody accepting one another.

if you want to be with the monthly newsletter drop your e mail adress and rock! :)

hey hey hey!

here in the u.s.a. we are now!!! labor day weekend, which means the last hurrah before school starts...the meaning of labor day? i do not know but i always had memorial day and labor day mixed up. it basically means holiday weekend. i always worked restauraunts until recently so i never knew the awesome of being paid for not being at work...job still blows, but they can pay me not for working anytime. to everyone who finds themselves browsing through audens raign land....thank you and i hope you have a great weekend! action! go!

posted a few new songs for you to enjoy :) rock

i want to say thanks, i want to say thanks, i want to give purpose, i want to make you smile, i want to turn you on, i want to live, i want to be healthy and give out health, i want you to look inside yourselves and find purpose, i want you to do it all, i want it discret, i want it loud, i want to hold your hand, i want to scream FUCK, i want to make billions and blow it all on giving it away, i want to elope and to be envelopped, i want my life to make sense, i want to stare into her eyes and be...i want you

hey people chill the fuck out :) kidding! jump up and down and tell the leaders they suck!!!! buy an audens raign c.d. and enjoy...i swear it feels like they harvest energy...if so keep it a secret we want to cure bad things without informing otherwise they will start charging money, and who can afford to buy things anymore? of course you can afford an audens raign cd :), you won't starve if you find a job at a resturaunt, do a good job and you might end up with free drinks (that is if you drink).

i drank for free for 6 years...i was actually a dishwashing legend in these parts...no i'm not dishwasher pete (he wrote a fanzine and book about his dishwashing journey through the united states, its a good read it's called "dishwasher") anyways...you rock!

dog days of august! who wants free stuff? i want free stuff...ahhh but its my free stuff...it's not the same, if you want free stuff drop me aline!

anybody ever hear of hovercraft? i was just thinking about 15 years ago i opened up for them, hovercraft at the time was a awesome awesome band that experiemented with sounds and visual effects and one member of hovercraft was also the wife of eddie vedders'...so i called local radio stations claiming audens raign was eddie vedders side project band :) i'm funny and the bar was packed, ahhhh memories.

thanks again for your support,

cuddles and hugs, and what makes you smile

if you cant get enough of me here, please do visit me at


thank you as usual and get ready it's gonna be huuuuuuuuge :)

ya! made it to the weekend...(our softball team lost) so my summers is free...lonely days, lonely nights. someday it's gonna change, the mysteries of why people just stop talking to me i hope will be answered before i die.  i had a really good friend who i thought would tell me why, but she stopped talking to me and i now have little faith i'll ever know...but why let that stop me or you from having a great weekend!!

thanks for eveything you do! hopefully your dreams meet you :D

hey my softball team i play on is in the playoffs beginning tomorrow! haha, i use to be huge in sports when i was a kid, couldn't take the whiney kids on my teams who cried when they lost or threw fits...it's just another game defining your future give it a rest :D but i joined a team and there we are, the underdogs against teams that train with the pros... :), victorious we shall find out this weekend...so send some good vibes, because looking good counts :)...other than that it's the same ol' week, recording, waiting for the opportunity of love, lust and audens raign! hope everyone is doing well drop by and say hello! you are adored:)

dear followers from other countries,

      the 4th of july is as american as you can get i believe it was in 54 b.c. when the thundercats...whoops. lets start again. :)


the 4th of july, apple pie, hot dog eating contests, baseball, beer, coke a cola, fire works, more fire works, and reports of people blowing off limbs due to fire works, terrorist need not attack us dammit on the 4th of july we attack ourselves :) its all in fun and the general meaning of it is great we won our land and formed a country. it seem we (not really we, because i'm not down with telling anybody how to live or invading other countries to spread democracy, but to me all leaders are fucking stupid but thats me being small and unimportant with no clout to say can we all mind are own business and stop bullying)  hahaha lost my trail of thought :) okay i would love to see you all back alive and with all limbs working...uhm unless they aren't working then by some miricle they regenerate and work now! so not to be pushy celebrate with us americans cause independence is a rightious thing even though we americans arent so "independent" ourselves...i mean shit i support cuddling and sex, but that doesn't stop the dip shit next to me calling every one a slut and generally being gross......so anyways i'd love to thank you all for looking and playing in my little open independent forum! best wishes  


congradulations you have officially made it to summer! hahaha and in seattle its actually warm :)

enjoy and thank you for helping :)

hey dad happy fathers day.

he died when i was 17 so hahahaha its been awhile. i don't think i'd know what to say if i actually ran into his ghost? like hi...uhm go see mom she misses you :) and buy a audens raign c.d. :D.


happy your day dad!

greeting and adore-ment!

thank you for checking out my site, i've been a little slow with posting stuff. i've been attempting to make myself happy so i can resume my travels into the mysteries of how some bands are completly worth less and huge and others are ignored that should be huge...of course i'm talking about audens raign...kidding. but everyone of you visitors is one person closer to the take off of my rock career that has been over looked...but i do what i do, and you cheer me up so thank you! can't really expect more than that...yet bwa hahahahahahahaha :D have a great weekend!



yaa we made it to june! everything seems to be changing but not really, so let's hope that long lost something that makes you smile returns to make you smile :D best wishes everybody...i have some sort of blog thing going on tumblr if interested...i'm not so great with computers, but its under audens raign on tumbler...best wishes.......................




hahahaha i lost my phone the other day so i upgraded to a "smart phone" and i think i'm lost in my new phone...technology is sometimes amazing...but in other news i have about 6-7 new songs, haven't been writing as much lately or the quality is getting better? working on lyrics, and drumming is hard when roommates are home since i'm not really a drummer and it takes forever for me to record drums...so patience...i still have c.d.s for sale if you contact me or digital downloads for "the missing puzzle piece and the lie that big" through cd baby...the link is www.cdbaby.com/audensraign....:D now have a great day!

should be a day set aside in secret for us romantics that wish it to be that way, without having to buy a card or long stem roses. why tell the hallmark world!

4 straight warm days...feels sooooo good! its a good weekend to "get it on"!

do what you do anyways, hopefully you will enlighten your inner love and the world will become sexy...like terrorists in speedos sexily changing there mind of blowing up things and deciding to blow things :) its a little bit different but almost the same outcome. so come now childern of the beast be strong and shout at the devil! hahahaha i'm being goofy! have a great weekend and live!

well we are into may now, warmer weather, spring...what awaits us?

let's hope it's good! hope everybody is having a good time!

happy 420 if that is your thing...i've been known to partake...but i'm not so much of a holiday person, but you go on and celebrate, you deserve it!

anybody being inspired to create art?

a better version of you is uploaded and ready for your eaRS  :)....

dear diary,

JACKPOT!  hope everybody is doing good, its been a fairly lame week, but the sun is shining in seattle, so i'm hoping spring is warming up. have a great weekend everybody, and i will attempt to do the same!

okay made it to a new month!

whats new? anything going on? have anything to share?

me, well i'm toiling at my job trying to scrape together money so i can start releasing my music, trying to get support, some kind of independent, needing drummers and players gained a corespondent from germany, plans for releasing material...so stuff is happening and hopefully soon the manifesting of projects will happen! trying to keep it sexy and fullfilling, thinking of cures, and more ideas...

thank you all for your support, i adore you and hope we can at least prepare for the cupcake battles!!!

much love,


yes!!! made it to the weekend and if anybody is in the seattle area, please do go down to the highline on capital hill saturday night...a band called vaz is in town, currently hailing from brooklyn, new york via los angelos and originally from minneapolis, probobly one of my favoritest bands ever, please do check them out. also thank you everybody for everything it is now spring time and time to get rid of the cabin fevers! have a great weekend and enjoy!

i keep changing around the song "pieces" third times the charm. let me know what you think.

if anybody is interested in submitting art to the audens raign cause please send me a message...not that i really have a cause...but i just like art...hurry up spring! i'm getting annoyed by the dreariness, how is everybody else doing?

thanks again for the support!

action! go!!!

as to not be confused by being a jerk...but in a loving way to help aid in a crisis...but to also help make a smile return after devastation, and there were fatalities but after seeing pictures of the severity it is amazing. cheers.......... 

just posted a 3rd and final version of this song, i think i nailed (in my wonderful out of tune sort of way!)

thank you for listening

today brought signs of spring as i walked to the bus stop it was 5:30 a.m. and birds were chirping. it's a good thing! don't forget to purchase your favorite audens raign c.d. for spring, you never know when that sucker will come and be handy!

its about the time when one starts hoping it gets warmer out, we are almost to spring and what i hope will finally lead to a great summer...one of these summers will be great, so it might as well be this year!

but thank you for you continued support, i adore that your there...please give a shout i might have something for you?

best wishes..

due to popular belief i must say i am not gay(why this is said is so you know, but i do adore gay people for the fact that you have probobly endured alot of shit from people...i guess it's more of a kudos and celebration to who you are!)

as dr. suess brought to mind...oh, the places you'll go!

p.s. please remember to give your puppy a walk


i'm mentally getting beaten down pretty good, as in say maybe i have something to say, i really don't because you already know what to think! yes you think for yourself, that is a good way to stroll into this new week, you rock, you can do it...another day wiser and full of wisdom! action! go!

forget the roses...chocolate-ize any audens raign c.d. for your sweetie and get it for free...until valentines day. it'll be like i'm there getting sexy with you! haa have a good weekend

thank you to everyone who finds the time to check out my site! january the best month so far, now for the short month...i like february and i have good feelings (i think) about it. don't let the cold keep you inside, shake off your cabin fever by shaking it to your fave audens raign tunes! thank you once again!



not much news to announce...but if you realize how awesome you are for reading this, well than that is huge news! have a great weekend!

well i'm still recording, i record when i don't have much else going on three new songs on the way plus the seventy plus songs as a secret suprise when i get enough cash to release...c.d. baby. com makes it easy and cheap but i still have to pay rent....so go to c.d.baby.com/audensraign and purchase your copy of the missing puzzle piece and the lie that big...you know to make all your sexy fantasies manifest, make it legit or something like that!


thank you, dan

holy fucking shit! i made it through the week, its been a pummeling week...i've been uninspired for the past few weeks. so lets see what this weekend has in store. keep the independent faith alive people. cnn writes a blog saying sex reduces stress, i'm like duh, but who is doing it, i'm willing but where is she?  haaa yaaaa sounds fun! anyways have a great weekend! up the raign

well welcome to 2011...it sounds nice, i welcome it! big change? suprises? over coming? let's just up the raign, put the pieces in their appropriate places, tired of this snail pace progression, but it is sort of an upward movement, a slight we will say. what has been done since i started this website

1. i got 3 comments for songs.

2. recorded nearly 100 songs

3. sold 1 c.d.

it doesn't seem like much but trust me with this fact i've been pushing this cursed(cures) bitch up mt. everest for 15 years, and these are milestones. so i am thankful. wooooo up the raign!

why 2010 why!!!! take 2009 and 2008 also, you years never cared! now 2011  this is a year, nice and firm standing in the shadows off the stage (i'm in pacific time zone i have 11 hours) shine mother fucker shine!!!! happy new years people and thanks as always you are loved and adored and could quite possibly be the sexiest of the sexy!

well december you awesome people have surpassed the whole year in visits to my web site! right on way to go...i reminds me of the whole saying of "hey check me out" or "get to know me!" thank you

we're almost to a new year! is it an american thing or is the calendar new year everybodies new year, i usually claim my birthday the real new years, and when i was drinking i'd leave new years to the ametures, but don't drink and drive not that it could be fun but more or less if you are a fan of audens raign i need you not in jail, or wasting money on something you already know is wrong...instead buy $1500.00 worth of my c.d.s. so live the life of the party avoid getting so drunk your sexy encounters think your a creepy, try not repeating that same story 8 times to the same person...anyyyyways things are not so bad, so enjoy! and  fuck resolutions, unless of course you stick to them

well i made it to another birthday...wooo hoooo, i need to make some friends, i can see myself sitting around with nothing to do tonight. and thats a big boo! so if anyone that has a sense of adventure and a car...lets do it! but in other news happy holidays, hope someone has a sexy time, oh i'll keep it sexy unfortunatly it will be with myself!

well we made it to winter...and as each year has it, its been winter for about 4 months allready so not much change there. now if your pagan tis the time for celebration, unless your modern pagan and i guess that celebration would have probobly been last saturday, and probobly this next saturday also. i sort of gave up with all the worshipping stuff, and give a current nod to whoever has my back. which i wonder sometimes. but who doesn't want a reason to party. well the reason is this thursday my birthday...so get down! thanking you pre bday!

well its almost x mas remember to leave the guns and knives at home...sounds like a good idea to shoot everything up but it might imprison you, so grab a loved one and thank them for at least keeping you sane during these winter months. i will attempt to do just that! anyone need love?

allright made it to december...22 days till my birthday, and tons of appreciation to all of you who have helped me this far thank you! you are appreciated.

monday seattle was hit by a miniture snowball, and everything shut down, i'm from minnesota so this stuff happens,basically i was stuck in a snow bank waiting for a bus for 4 hours, and everybody that was on the bus had already been on the bus for 2-3 hours...its normally takes 30-40 minutes, so leaving work at 4 p.m. and getting home around 11 p.m.

ya whatever there really wasnt much snow though...but hopefully everybody else had a great week, here in the u.s. it was thanksgiving...so thank you to everybody who supports me, and in the term manifest destiny we wont be so cruel reclaiming the land and airwaves!!!!

keep the weekend sexy!

thats right! don't believe the hype.

audens raign will not be involved in any one religion, race or sex...unless its sexy sex with purple aliens...so get doooown!

still unable to post new songs forgive me!!!! i have about a dozen new songs to post, so its been business as usual but no ways of posting due to having to use the libraries computer, i promise my new songs are beyond anything i've done before...thats the story and i'm sticking to it!

feel free to promote audens raign as your favorite thing, or drop me a line claiming to be a utility player for audens raign. all things pushing this forward are welcome and appreciated, you want to date me, you want to buy c.d.s i'm accepting it all, but don't forget to remember you rock 8 times more then me for being curious enough to read these posts.

thank you!

hope everyone got there fill of candy, halloween for me has always been a trying time for me, i lost my dad twenty some odd years ago, so its not soooo tragic anymore but i spend a good time wondering if there is something more i could be doing to improve myself and what not. but a shout out to the sky towards his direction i, not so sure what the after life has in store, and i don't care to find out till i'm dead and i don't really spend anytime in thought about death these days, i figure i'll find out.

but lets make november wonderful!

you can go to cherrypeel.com and vote yes for the few audens raign songs i posted.

you can purchase a digital download of "the missing puzzle piece and the lie that big" at cdbaby.com/audensraign

you can inquire here or myspace.com/audensraign for actual c.d.s of all my releases, or t-shirts, and even cassette tapes.

so the world is your oyster buy, buy, buy!

thank you very much for having an effect in my world and a general care that the future is going to be better.



well i have 6 possibly 7 new songs done...and an 8th one that is a rerecording of one of my first audens raign songs, i re-stumbled on a very special person to me. so i had to re-record her song. so that is my news. i've been recieving a few votes at cherrypeel.com and i cant thank people enough, its like i spent an eternity in hell and you people help me rise above so please do continue...and just so we are all on the same page, i don't view hell as in some ac/dc song, hell is toiling in hell, being tormented and unable to do a thing about it, that is my hell...action! GO! be safe this weekend and hope its the best, so we can explore further!

much love to you italy and japan! are these the worlds most sexy places? but don't let that distract you rest of the world! japan with your rodan and godzilla and italy...is italy where they have the underground tombs and allester crowly mansion? my geography and history sucks, please forgive i am american and we are over taken by meth labs and general stupidity, put it this way on a recent poll they rated president o bama as a better president then bush and now its vice versa, im like how the fuck can anybody be a worse president then george bush i was embarassed as an american, now a slight bit not so embarassed but i wish the united states would leave everybody alone, we have way too many meth labs to go bomb other places and....whoa getting political again. keep it sexy people :).......

so its october and that means a number of things to me. my dad passed away oct. 30th, i nearly died and was rushed to the emergency room on the 25 th of oct. these things happend many years ago and as everybody on the planet realizes each day is a new day and live in the now with an eye to the future, but it still forces me to dwell on the past as a rememberance and a cheer of celebration for i didn't die and my father who may have died an early death but i will still cheers him and his efforts to give me a better life...

but all said...i want to read some good ghost stories no fake stories the real stuff i am sorry if you don't believe in the supernatural and paranormal, and i see people of other countries have hit my site so i am curious of other cultures and their take on ghostly affairs. i see shadows and have noticed black, white and gray. i have not seen a ghost, ghost. but delight me with your scares.

by the way if your into supporting audens raign please go to cherrypeel.com and vote for audens raign, i don't know what becomes of it but its great to have a vote for yes!

audens raign is now hooking up you lonely sexy singles! don't believe me? well then maybe you should!

i've become a newly corporate work horse, so buy my c.d.s so i don't have to toil in a bland work place, i'll work for you bringing you rock of your choosing. keep it sexy people.

not to much to report, it is a very lovely autumn day here in the suburbs of seattle. i have a feeling my job search might be done, that is if they hurry up and call me back. its not like i want to work a job, but i have so much new material to release, and it cost money to do that, and to play shows i need transportation, or at least money to pay for a equiptment delivery service, blah blah blah everyday bitching and whining. one more bitch i have 5 new songs that go beyond the already posted songs that i am unable to post due to computer failures. i have gone in the direction of say "gray duck" as in upbeat rock genre, if you didn't know Audens raign has never had a permanent music sound. most other bands i've played in have been punk rock, so its been interesting to open myself up in new ways, as growing up in jr high i was a big metalhead from iron maiden (circa piece of mind and powerslave) then going the way of venom and kreator, metallica while most peers went to motley crue and the hair metal. a few years later after i graduated high school i went to the milwauki metal fest (death angel headlined...but deicide stole the show) i endured the whole show, then i saw cannible corpse, goreguts and atheist, and i realized if i ever heard another death grunt i was gonna vomit. i hated the way those bands sounded i hated the whole fact that i thought they were so freaking in tune with there fans yet every time i met them they were dicks(not cannible corpse they were actually nice) the drums sound like tupperware bowls. yeah im pretty sure even satan hates the fact that they sing about it.

just poking around my statistics page and there is alot of hits from other countries and i want to say thanks.

good to see a bit of interest out there, let me know if i can help in any way, as if you want a cd and cant order it. i'll ship them out when i can. i want to sell but more than anything i want to gain at least some interest that will aid in my future, such as record labels, basically i do this on my own and would love to some how develop friendships everywhere with people who can help, and if your thinking you can't help you know thats a lie because you just being you is 100 percent more helpful than not being you. : )......

thanks again,


anybody have a job they want to give me? huh huh, any rich girls want me to sit here and be there eye candy? i've been appling at some really weird jobs...i have a better plan for touring, which i first need to pay off fines on my liscence, take my driving test, save up a few piles of cash, and move city to city staying in each for maybe a month or so, seattle doesn't seem to like me, so i ask seattle to help me get out of it, unless seattle is being all flirty, than i ask stop it and just do me!

hope your day is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ate

holy crap...wandering the streets of burien yesterday...i ran into a smiling face? wha? huh? its very nice to see, and awakens me to think, well i am not dead...burien has a carnaval going on, and october-fest(don't get me started with the fact that its september)  and that i saw no german beer stiens...just a local brewery pushing there hops on people, no polka,???? but last nights cover band, and this afternoons cover bands, we're jamming the same tunes...i use to work in a bar that catered to cover bands, and it took me a long time to accept them as legitimate bands, but its the same fucking songs, you think the georgia satellites like that song anymore? its like people press pause in their lives i have no answers why certain bands and certain songs end up on cover bands set lists...i use to rejoice when the lesser bands covered(i.e. the animals, kinks, alice cooper) were covered, but than its still the same song each band covers, i use to sit in the kitchen and wait for the difference. its not like there terrible people they just push the same songs!

with a credit score of 722, i have good credit! as if you needed or wanted to know...but shhhh don't tell my overdue credit cards i maxed out after 9/11, hey if the world was going down in flames, i damn well was going to make sure it was a party...i forgot what happend, kidding. but i consumed enough alcohol and drugs to somehow save the world...your welcome! all kidding aside, i'd like to thank everyone for at least checking out my awesome intentions on having a great website, if i wasn't so busy trying to find a job, i could develop the new audens raign internet good intention download which you log on to and your dreams are full filled...blam-o all it would cost is you buy a audens raign c.d. lets see some famous band do that! they're just hoarding your cash...have a great day! 

where did audens raign come from? to me it was a girl 15 or so years ago. she changed her name when we were "seeing" each other, it was the best 3 months ever so with her permission i chose to use the name, it basically refers to the search for another girl who can replace my world of shit into something tangible. i feel it has a common denominator of if everybody had felt that good, the world would spin a little bit better. to each there own. as to other girls coming into the "picture" you represent a possibility of a better outcome for me. i don't know who it will end with so the lyrics are tiny puzzle pieces, the music is from either from my surroundings or a "muse". i don't think she had the poet in mind. enjoy

a thousand parties doing the same thing,  mention out loud there is a few partys' desire not wanted, and everybody stops but the  partys' not desired. its all so confusing.

so here we are...whats next?

dan interviews dan...sept.

dan: are you crazy?

dan: yes?, no?, maybe?, mostly bord, i pretend i'm a huge rock band, and present myself that way, like growing up i destroyed all badmiton rackets playing run around the back yard singing "for those about to rock....(smash) i salute you"! basically i record in hopes to gain attention in which to play live, in which to sell more goods, in which to tour...tour?? i just desire to gain the attention of say girl, impress her enough to have her want to be with me, and thats all i wanted, well it was brought to my attention i could have more, and so i want more. not sure if i like the portrayal of being all me,me,me as on a stage, but i like the idea of maybe someday having it become a stage as to showcase...yes i tried to do that when i took the helm of open mic nights, and what i got is everybody wanting to showcase the same style of music. i'm thinking wow open mic night well why not have various acts doing neat stuff...i got something i didnt want to hear, so i handed him the helm. its not like anybody i knew was gonna show up, they are too use to getting paid 20 bucks to perform there rock shows, but they were talking at the time the stars aligned and i got the chance to host, and nobody accepted the invitation, so in some ways it looks like i failed, but it was a non fail situation in my eyes because i was offered and accepted, where that path leads is unknown...open mic nights could have been fun, but i do laugh when i hear people talk big now.

9/13...are americans truely assholes of the world? or is it just the leaders? let me put a face to the mysterious me. i am a puppy saver, i'd free baby kittens from the talons of dragons, jk we don't have dragons in america, only medaphors but they're still humans. like in order to get to her heart i had to sneak past the sleeping dragons. the sleeping dragons would be her friends that don't like me, why? because i didn't have anything that would settle as "something" to please the dragons...what is this dungeons and dragons? no it is not. we are the people those old assholes were talking about. i think what i'm trying to say is i think america overreacted to an incident. but if it brings peace cool, but im not a hippy. im just thinking of all that iraqi...kidding. i think if america was smarter we would have prevented these morons from flying into not 1 not 2 but 3 buildings in the same day...wow wake the fuck up, thats why i chose my dishwashing job, now who is insane? america i love you, as we do have freedoms that im led to believe does not exist anywhere else...but still i have to be a good boy. why do the leaders think we care?

i do live the life of a billionaire, what with all this invisible cash, i mean serious do i need anymore charecter. like them invisible hands that keep me out of harms way (thanks for the help in april) should be placing large amounts of cash in secret locations like my pockets as i sleep! but you should read this as a metaphor and them invisible hands be your hands and that money is you buying my cds! have a great weekend, and thank you very much for the support!

i would love to go to the barter system, um i don't have anything to barter...i have a shit ton of iron maiden 12" singles worth approx. 1 billion dollars...hire me!!!!!!

yup, its time for those of you who work to have a long weekend? woo get out your traditions and roll in them extra special sauces, its all fun. lucky i changed it up otherwise i would be one dead thing, now wouldn't i...but keep it safe, let it go, and enjoy yourselves...i'm working on things that will undoubtably be great!

recorded my first live show, soon to be availible...yes live shows usually mean me playing in the basement to myself...but the fact is its live!

it was a series of mis guided events that led to the creation of a defensive system that would produce a favorable outlook on life...you must go inner to go outer. no play on words...

new song posted. plus- a rerecording of apart!

...it all started with the name audens raign, created on the way to boston i believe. she was beautiful, had a sense of adventure, hit the gas and here we go. the name always stuck with me, and how she came up with it is a mystery. raign, being rain and reign. like most things our togetherness was brief but so huge that i spent 15 years reeling in torment at what i had lost. I had left the band bong ritual i had started, to persue different ways, i felt more of an obstacle than a help to the punk attitude that existed within that band or was it the other way? i myself a sloppy guitarist had a slightly different approach to things, so parting ways with bong ritual i sold all my crappy music gear and purchased a no name 12 string acoustic guitar for 99.00 dollars and set sail...well basically setting sail i found myself in the tar pits, it always seems like a great idea. i found a certain assurance in having another guitarist and together the 2 of us created a foundation. and recorded the first audens raign cassette tape on 7/10 split records in minneapolis minnesota. we did one various cassette tape also (both are availible if wanting- just ask), after playing a handful of shows and the 2 cassettes the 2 of us parted ways...and i bet still to this day its known as i kicked him out. i can't really picture myself kicking anybody out, i could however see if being in another band is not fullfilling hit the bricks if you cant keep up? i spent a year or so sorting through personal files and such, recording a few other cassette tapes which are availible if you ask...this is when it became loud, i adopted a uncanny ability to make loud noises, and used it.

i don't know if i ever broke any new boundaries in those early days of audens raign. people said i sounded like elliot smith, joy division, jesus and mary chain,  i was influenced more by jesus lizard, ramones, more agressive style of music, i use to bleed alot, dropping a pick halfway through a song in a solo band is way different plus the desire to not be one of those people who stops to restart songs. haaa which makes me remember eau claire, wisconsin. i was opening for my than roommates band ouija radio, all excited to impress not that it was the first song, but that it was the first chord, 3 strings break on my 5 string guitar, live and learn, i chose to play on...ha not good, lets just say after humiliating myself i found refuge with nemesis(r.i.p.) by the river. i always meant to rock. i got a bit of local "sunshine" with opening slots for bands such as hovercraft, spot (sst), ouija radio, vaz, seawhores, katastrophy wife, and a list of 400 other bands that are now deceased. i always thought it funny how all these bands are having 20 year aniversarries, and i'm on like 15 years with selling 3 c.d.s in them 15 years. how and why i do this is pure tenacity, and love...i think, if it be a philosophy it would be action, the thought of philosophy is a lazy person deciding a reason, that may or may not be true. but if action and individuelism...as in solo dueling, for at the end of the day i am one, and she knows that! maybe?


its been a low key week this far, not feeling the creative zing of the past month of july, so lets hope its not a trend but rather a remission to the creation of what will become my all! or if i worded that wrong...blah,blah,blah

all-right august! what will make this august better than the other augusts'?

well hopefully everybody gets a jump start on theyre weekends, i myself find it wierd not working on weekends but i'll take it as is, so be safe live large do what you do...avoid meth, you might want your teeth later. don't give in, let your bad ass self shine, make the world brighter, hmmm how would one motivate you into excelling??? well place those words in front of yourself and give me credit.

j......k    but if your staring at this post i obviously want you around again so be strong the worlds not that fucked up...its about the same as it was when i was growing up and everybody was saying the world was fucked up.


i posted a new version of gray duck... new and improved! now with extra drums

you can help audens raign re-locate! im looking for a new city to drop anchor in. any suggestions.  basically i'm a lost little kitty looking for a home that will accept me. seattle overlooks me so i want to shove it in its stupid space needle pompous ass...well it might not overlook me, im just not so much what seattle needs, i have to deal with the fact A.I.C. is from here and everybody has seen nirvana, and i swear everybody has seen everything? i my self have never seen laser beamed chickens protecting pioneer square, so i cannot  say i've seen everything...but seattle is a basic hotbed to which my music should explode, but sadly it doesn't, nor did minneapolis. approx 5 trillion other cities to go. 

i just proclaimed audens raign as gods viagra. sure the beatles can be bigger than jesus, but audens raign has what it takes to make god want to get down! woooo.

i'll keep you posted if anything else surfaces with this, but for now buy my c.d. the missing puzzle piece and the lie that big. and help god get its groove on!

cures, cures, cures, cures, cures, cures...fuck placibos, and drugs, we are gonna solve the life time question of why we cant be able bodied until death!  have a good day.

i have an idea it starts with a lightbulb you flick the switch on it goes!

something like that...you people have an ideas? i want to shovel feed everybody audens raign music, but i do sense the bad blood out there? why is that? hmmm i'll poke and prod some wounds until i get some sort of response, because if there is bad blood i would like to know about it, scream it to the air. alot of people who have voices don't excersise this, and most loud people do and they shouldn't, lets get some facts going, and boo hoo if that girl or boy you loved left you...well it wasn't to be...so come on now childern of the abanddonment be strong and fuck up the non believers. (note...that just because i said to do so i am not liable for your actions if you do so) please note also if you are a tagger quit writing on awesome looking buildings, its tacky and i like arcitecture.

i forgot i put flames on the website...makes the site look fast doesn't it? i hope to get up a few skulls soon too...flames and skulls! 2 of the more overrated things i see each day, not to offend people who are into those things, just boring is all, like how about a live platypus flaming skull

o.k. so what the fuck can nobody make a good iced caramel latte? save the last sip!

its wednesday...and whats inside isn't funny! just a blob of clogging conformity, i remember some dude i use to work with would always say he was just a small fish, i soon quit, well if you are the small fish and a big ass! well  i bet the big fish is a bigger ass, who he was talking about i do not know, but it made me think about everybody in charge, everything in charge, and as i see now, i love my job, but the outside world of who is in charge is completly effed, so maybe as we think by starlight we can say a few kind words and toss them in the sky i know people hear, i just don't know what they hear? and if anybody is listening think of cures. i believe there is a way to cure with your own brain, i would but i seem to get hoarded. lets all thank the douche...anybody ever tell you to wait?  remember baffle them with smiles and waves!

three more songs posted! happy 4th of july...enjoy the fact that you may or may not be free!

lets not lose any limbs, or fingers while celebrating our "independence"...do you feel free?

well i guess its official...its summer weatherwise! go enjoy yourselves and don't forget to buy more audens raign stuff! up the raign!

new songs posted so gooble them down while you can! more will be posted soon.

just finished with dawn of the wishes, sounding good! and lets welcome june, because may sucked! talk about overcoming. have a great day, and you decide that

4 new songs recorded.

bit o' honey, when the rabbit screams, swimming with the sharks, where the awesome things are.

weird enough they actually sound good. how strange is that?

today is in need of some good times, don't forget to play!

i'm rehashing old songs i had some artwork for  that i never could quite get to sound right, so try and try again i guess. up dating progress i have five songs mostly complete, i'm thinking it to be like 4 e.ps with maybe 7 songs??? who knows.  the art work is for:

1. apples/oranges

2. shooting starbeams

3. when the rabbit screams

4. bit o' honey


anyways enjoy your day! tomorrow you might be dead

on sunday/monday morning at approx. 1 a.m. i was attacked and beaten from behind by 3 kids age range of 19-early 20's. this sucks as it seemed it was random and they had no reason to do this and as i asked them why they were attacking one of them spoke as it was for my wallet and he was carrying a gun i quickly retorted fuck you, and screamed for help, the neighbors nestled in there beds or staring at a t.v. did nothing and lucky for me, well if you see me pissed its kind of a scary observence. well they backed away to leave me to bleed as i ponder what good this world is, a voice from my past awoke me again and to not give up with society. its just if you see or hear violence you can and should do something. just think about if your parents or family or best friend was dying you can help. thank you, dan.

i'm gonna start giving stuff away so sign in and get your name noticed, t-shirts, c.d.s, once it gets rolling one never knows what you'll end up with. don't worry i don't share any info with anybody! as i see it i have no reason to inform anybody about anything and if they wanted info they can find out themselves, fucking assholes, so worry not, but if you like free stuff well you can sign up.


lets get this going!

any questions? suggestions? view points? anything?

i think i just got taught a valuable lesson in karma, that actually makes sense so be good!


it's been a thought for quite some time, and it seems to be moving a bit. i know nothing of it, but the aftermath is obvious...its a law that prevents bands from drinking on stage. like everything its tiny, small, and means absolutly nothing, its a puzzle piece to a larger issue, and what is that larger issue? somebody knows. i do think there is a slim chance that law makers and such are attempting to place way too many laws that frustrate people into just staying at home and playing second life or interactive gaming systems that breed energies that aliens use to gain control of afghani and mexican cartels in order to stupidify the world population as a nation of dunces...i think i might be missing a few puzzle pieces still.

its my last day at job #1 today, i'm a cook in a dive bar. cook? dammit i left the freedom of the dish pit, to persue what was a weird venture into the art of giving people what they want, when they want. and business was slow. so slow i found many reasons to why it was slow, and then confused myself, and then realized its out of my hands. i mean one is presented with an opportunity to please in a way to help, and nobody wants it, and when its added up and it looks like i didn't try, well i'd assume that it goes deeper (it always does) promotion, and your typical jealous human nature. all i wanted to do was make money and this whole venture turned into some psycho anal lizing hell dream! so basically it wasn't busy enough. and the real truth of it i walk disappointed, sure i can feel like it failed and i have no problem with that, but in my search for why it was failing is the real saddness. everybody says theyre my friend and if you were my friend why did it fail, why did the hosting job fail, every attempt to earn, EARN cash has failed. a huge mother fucking spotlight  on a mother fucking huge opportunity again lost. but after today...i count my lucky stars i am alive...bittered...sarcastic...but she is out there and even with all this failing i do, i'm pretty sure she loves me. but with the end of this job means i'll have a few days off a week so recording will begin very soon...and a quick note to future critics, in the position of being a critic you have a responsibility to say it how it is, and un lubed by financial and bribes, the people are your readers so as a favor to us all really fucking think hard who you are promoting and when this so called promoting is happening explain in a way that will explain, as too many fucktard hipster wanna bes say this band is lame for the fact my friends band looks better in pictures? great misuse of your power! enjoy your day...

so beginning to put together the new audens raign recording, its at a snails pace at the moment, the wonderful thing about the snail is that just because they are slow they still move. i'll be picking up some new gear also soon, no offense to the acoustic guitar but i love me some electricity! and at any given time i could have 4 c.d.s availible, that is the pleasentry of being on no labels, or basically being out of the business of making music. but then again i don't get the promo, p.r., or whatever it takes to make certain bands great??? great meaning of course listened to. hopefully if your reading this you do understand the glorious opportunity these times have for being independent. i hope to focus on my ability to continue writing great songs that influence passion of what truely inspires you. it might seem weird at first but unknown is a spark for curiosity, curiosity could propel you to such unimagined heights.

its a very nice day, and as a warning this may be the calm before the storm. rumors of rain in the forecast...but who doesn't like the rain...i miss the warm summer rains of the midwest...but its the end of winter and the rains in seattle are mostly cold. as far as audens raign goes...re inventing promotional skills to distance me in better places!

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