alright you asked for be it, I am in the "now" with technology.

if you are seeking a hard copy c.d. send me a email at....

I will be getting around to making a check list for c.d.s so for right now I have like 35 recordings with approximately 600 songs

so its a complete mess in which I will be somehow cleaning up, in a perfect world i'd have a check list and you could pick 30 songs and i'd just burn them to order.

so lets make some noise i'm doing all this independently and i'd love to shove it in everybodies face as in wooooooo hoooo success! and that relies on you awesome people, so make some waves promote me, make me busy!!!! they think they can use me for there bullshit make me use myself!

thank you and keep supporting, its benefits us all!

it don't matter till your here

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audens raign-d'oh (the moment to myself)

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